24U and 3/4 year old funding:

Both funding schemes offer up to 15 hours free early years childcare for eligible children. If you meet the criteria then your child will be eligible from the term after their 2nd birthday for 24U funding or the term after their 3rd birthday for 3/ 4 year old funding, in either, September, January or April.

A free early education/childcare place comprises of 15 hours a week over 38 weeks, or a total of 570 hours which can be taken flexibly/stretched over the year (where the parent requests this). However, this must be taken over a minimum of two days per week, and between two-and-a-half hours and ten hours in any one day. If the offer is accessed over fewer than two days, then a portion of the offer will be lost.

Once a place has been agreed for a child through 24U, it will remain funded until the child becomes entitled to a free early education place at three years, even where the family circumstances change and they may no longer meet the criteria.

Your child will benefit greatly by having pre-school/ playgroup experience with a 'good' Ofsted judgement.

This period of time for your child is known as the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children who take up a 24U or 3/ 4 year old funded place will be making friends, having fun and learning all the time. Chorley Family Playgroup will make sure your child’s needs are met to help them feel secure and confident about starting school when the time comes.

Once a term a member of staff will ask you to complete a funding form to enable the setting to claim funding on your behalf.

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