Healthy Eating and Lifestyles

The government is currently running a national scheme called Change 4 Life, which focuses on getting families to eat healthily and to do more exercise. It gives eight ‘Top tips for Healthy Kids’ which includes encouraging them to eat '5 a day', tips about snacks and fun ways to encourage your child do 60 minutes of physical exercise each day. Change 4 life is packed full of ideas to help you and your family get a healthier lifestyle. You can join the scheme by clicking here. By answering a quick questionnaire they will send you a personalized tailored action plan, which includes a great sticker chart.

If you struggle to think of different healthy food ideas to put in your child’s pack lunch then click here for some great menu plans. There are some other Healthy Recipe ideas here and a great healthy lunchbox game here to.


Other useful links:

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Oral Hygiene

The enamel on milk teeth isn’t as hard as enamel on adult teeth, thus they are more vulnerable to plaque and cavities. Please try to ensure that your child:

  • Brushes their teeth twice a day – for two minutes.

  • Visits the dentist regularly

  • Changes their toothbrush regularly

  • Uses a Pea sized amount of toothpaste, and spits it out – never swallowing!

  • Uses a toothpaste with the recommended level of fluoride for their age group

  • Cuts down on sugary food and drinks, especially in between meals

For further information go to the following links:

The British Dental Foundation




Head Lice Control

Any child can catch head lice through Head to Head Contact. You can check and treat your child/ren for head lice by using your normal conditioner and the nit comb we have provided. It is important that you check your child’s head regularly as an infection is not always apparent. If you find lice please follow the Bug Busting Technique by clicking here.

Other useful links:

The Department of Health: Prevention and Treatment of Headlice

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Other useful links: The Department of Health