Management Committee

The Committee of Chorley Family Playgroup is in the majority made up of voluntary parents/carers of the children who attend. The members of the committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting and is made up of the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and other elected committee members. The Committee is responsible for:

  • Managing the Playgroup's finances
  • Employing and managing the staff
  • Making sure that playgroup has, and adheres to policies and procedures that ensures a high quality service
  • Ensuring the playgroup works in partnership with parents/carers
  • Organising regular fundraising events

Committee meetings are held regularly, at least every two months, and all parents are urged to attend so that they have input into the running of the playgroup. The Annual General Meeting is held during the autumn term where it is hoped a representative for each child would try to attend.

Current Management Committee

Rachel Datlen Chair      01746 718 753
Emma Giles Secretary
France Pioger Treasurer
Alan Baker Committee member
Jen Barker Committee member
Stacey Bebb Committee member
Helen Datlen Committee member
Katie Jones Committee member
Jess Tandy Committee member