The First Days

We feel strongly that in order for children to settle in well at playgroup, the first days are very important. We encourage children and their parents/carers to visit playgroup before embarking on their first session. We also encourage parents/carers to stay with their child during sessions until they feel that their child is comfortable to be left at playgroup. It is very much an individual process and we will try to accommodate a child and their parents/carers needs to the best of our ability. There is a specific settling-in policy which all parents/carers are encouraged to read.


Chorley Family Playgroup has it's own sweatshirts and polo shirts that parents/carers can purchase if they choose to do so, however they are optional and children can wear their own clothes to playgroup if they prefer.

We ask for children to wear old clothes as all children are encouraged to take part in messy activities during their sessions, aprons are available for the younger children but paint, mud and glue is a part of daily experience.

We encourage parents/carers to send their children in weather appropriate clothes, i.e. warm hats and coats during cold weather, raincoats when wet and sunhats and sun cream (playgroup staff will apply sun cream if a consent form has been completed) during warm weather. However, playgroup does have a selection of Wellingtons, and some other spare clothes if needed. We do also encourage parents/carers to include a spare set of clothes for their child if they are likely to require one.  We will be outside whatever the weather!

Daily Routine


Breakfast club

We start the day by welcoming children into breakfast club from 8.00am, we offer all the children a healthy breakfast, cereals, toast, croissants, fruit or yoghurts and drinks are always available. At 8.45am the school children will be escorted around to school, the remaining Playgroup children will help staff set up for the playgroup day.


The children are welcomed in to the setting from 9.05am, we encourage all children to participate in circle time, where we share important events and news and discuss topics and the date. Families are asked to complete a ‘Home diary’ to help with this time. Following this we have free play alongside an adult led activity: children are encouraged to make choices for themselves throughout the day, starting with the activities they wish to take part in and what they want to play with. During the morning session, we also encourage children to help with tidy up time, we have snack time, which consists of fruit, vegetables or other healthy snacks (depending on dietary requirements and parental preference). Following this we have outside play time, where we go outside whatever the weather! Next it's lunch time, children are welcome to bring a packed lunch from home or they can opt to have a hot dinner. 

Afternoon session, after some children go home and other children are welcomed in to the setting we have free play alongside an adult led activity. We then have the option of outdoor play, a healthy snack and end with a story time before home time. 

Afterschool club 

At approximately 3.15pm we welcome the school children into the setting, their time in afterschool club can be spent building dens, being creative, playing outside, reading, using the computer, playing games and generally playing. During afterschool club we focus on playing and developing our social skills, we believe these are of key importance to every child’s development and all children have the right to play! We provide a healthy snack for all children at approximately 4pm. 

Children can be collected at anytime up to the end of the session which is 5.30pm. Parents are asked to provide a change of clothes and shoes for their children so they can choose to play outside.      


Library Books & Home Diaries

When your child starts playgroup they will receive their own book bag and home diary for the duration of their time with us. They will be able to use this to take a reading book home with them, renewing each time they attend if they wish to do so. We also provide a reading record so you can tell us what you and your child thought about the book. Your child is also provided with a Home Diary.  We expect parents to help their child to complete their book regularly, filling it with photographs, postcards, leaflets and writing explainig what they have been doing. We will use this during circle time to allow children to share special time with friends.

Parental Involvement

We encourage all parents/carers to be actively involved in the playgroup, primarily by sitting on the committee or at least attending the committee meetings. This enables you to have input into the running of playgroup / wrap around care and also allows you to enhance the setting by sharing any skills, knowledge or experience you may have. Parents/carers are always welcome to visit the playgroup and to have a chat to playgroup staff. There is a comments book for anyone to make any comments or suggestions.

Policies and Procedures

Chorley Family Playgroup has thorough and robust policies in place which give detailed descriptions of how the playgroup is run and what procedures are in place to deal with various incidents and situations. Parents/carers are urged to read and sign the policies when your child is registered with the playgroup. This will ensure that you have the best insight into how the playgroup is run and what you and your child are likely to expect from Chorley Family Playgroup during your time here. There is a policy folder available, a USB memory stick and the policies are also on the playgroup website for you to read at your leisure. Please click here.